The Beginning of™ Client's Community

Philip Stacey Houston™ est. 2005, is the home of local and regional community guides and directories created as a service to our website creation and hosting clients. Our social media management and marketing efforts extend from the great State of Texas to the Pacific Northwest.

We are transplants to Texas and enjoy the distinct flavors of the Texas business community and the friendly culture of our Brazos Valley neighbors.

Fresh Content for SEO

Mexican Town by Stacey Mayer C. 2024We create distinctive, memorable web content featuring original art, graphics, and photography. Creating fresh story content, graphics, and photography is our specialty. Thankfully, it helps search engine optimization (SEO) immensely! We regularly share your business content and features across social media so you may be found by the public.

Sharing Your Unique Business

We can also create original cell phone apps to help promote your business or event. (Winner; App of the day!) Most businesses can grow dramatically if they're simply able to share their products and tell their story to the public. Cell phone apps are the way most of us experience the Web today. Showcasing your business via a custom cell phone app is one of the most direct ways to easily stay in front of your customers.

Our Community is Growing!

Bringing our diverse business clients together as a community delights our readers while sharing your business products, services, and background stories as a related group. Being able to discover new local business favorites gives readers an inside track on the business owners in their backyards. Everyone enjoys discovering great businesses only "the locals" know about!

Join Us, and Tell Your Story

We understand how important your business is to you, and we look forward to sharing it with our neighbors.  Contact us to become a part of the™ online community today.

"I want to let folks know how talented and giving Stacey Mayer is as an artist. Her work has its own style and she’s amazing with the horses she can transform on paper. Today I was able to watch as she taught our class of students and her knowledge and patience is inspirational. If you haven’t seen her art you are missing out go to and relish in her work" - BJ.


"Stacey's unwavering vision brought our website to life. Her boundless artistic talent infuses every corner of our website, capable of transforming even the fiercest Texas tornado season into a colorful story to share! She's fostered a community where our experiences connect us." - Lorraine S.™ Community Est.™ Community
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