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RLA Spiderwick with StudentArabian Horses to Ride!

Royal Legend Horse Center offers horseback riding lessons for dedicated equestrians wanting to learn to ride with confidence. Experience riding with confidence on our exceptionally gentle horses. Lesson riders really appreciate the horses from our specialized program. 

 Our select herd of Arabian sport horses descends from a famous performance horse, *Bakil, (Kaisoon x Om El Arab) the elite German-bred stallion licensing champion, U.S.A. halter champion, and U.S.A. race winner. His German work ethic and temperament are inherited by his children.

The *Bakil sire line is now known
for contributing breed type, good work ethic, excellent conformation, and versatility for five generationsTheir beauty and wonderful gaits easily distinguish them from the competition.

We are proud of our "tall and typey" Arabian sport horses we have bred over 35-year Arabian horse breeding program. Our Egyptian Arabian horses enjoy competing in cross country, dressage, driving, endurance, trail riding, and open jumping. They show a natural affinity with children and beginning riders, yet they're eager to jump 3' ft .high fences. 

RLA Moniets Moon endurance

We invite you to visit
and see the results of our 35 years of breeding purebred Egyptian Arabian athletes. Come witness their rocking chair canters and easily collected way of going. They are phenomenal athletes and truly affectionate companions.

Our Straight Egyptian Arabian athletes look forward to meeting you.*
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* All of our horses are up to date on hoof trimming, vaccines, and worming. All of our treasured Egyptian Arabian foals were imprinted at birth and are handled regularly. They're ready to become your lifelong companion. We are long-time Al Khamsa supporters, and we take our breed stewardship seriously.
Our herd contains no The Minstril breeding, making them excellent outcross breeding prospects for other straight Egyptian breeding programs.