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Landscaping clean up safety

Acorns, chesnuts, and pecansSeasonal Yard Clean Up Time Approaches

The long warm fall was wonderful. Our lawns are entering their intermittent dormant phase, and we're mowing our lawns a lot less. As colder weeks approach, pine cones, branches, seed pots, and horse chestnuts, need to be removed from the lawn before you mow. Anything left in the lawn becomes dangerous projectiles from under a lawn mower.

Sunglasses; Stand-in for Safety Goggles

During these wonderful sunny days, most of us wear sunglasses to protect our vision from the bright sun, staving off macular degeneration and cataracts. Polycarbonate or Trivex sunglass lenses protect you from flying objects speeding from mower blades, too. Think of acorns flying toward your face at fifty miles an hour! Consider a pair of prescription sunglasses for gardening this season.

Patrol The Lawn Before you Mow

It's time to clean up the yard from tree branches, pine cones, and the rest of nature's catalog of ornamental and incidental tree offerings. When children help in the yard, it's especially important to inspect the lawn for possible projectiles before you begin mowing.

Kids Love to Help

Let the kids help clean up before the lawn mower starts. Wait until kids and pets are safely out of the area before starting the mower. I loved helping in the yard when I was in elementary school. Time spent with family completing yard assignments is some of my fondest memories. I wasn't as enthusiastic as a teenager, but I soon returned to gardening as an adult.

Vision Safety while Gardening

Remember to protect your eyes while mowing the lawn, or pruning branches over your head. That green, sand-like, growth from leaves and branches is nasty to get into your eyes! Wearing sunglasses while gardening protects against ultraviolet exposure, and serves to protect us from abundant local landscape hazards, too.

Take care when you're mowing, and we look forward to seeing you again in the garden.