5 Best Real Estate Agent Tips

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Know your Brazos Valley top competitors, and visit their websites. See where the leading agents are posting their marketing. You may miss an opportunity because "Jenny Sue Agent" is using local social media, while you still need to write your first blogs.

When you look up your competition you can learn from the results. Do they have a Google Business site for business? An active Facebook or Twitter account? Write that down. Do you see they have active boards on Pinterest? Got it. When you find their active networks, be sure you're on those networks, too.

Your fellow real estate brokers are likely to be using Linkedin in your area, and you should be on Linkedin, too. Linkedin is geared for professional connections and offers a different type of interaction than Facebook. Each region is a bit different; my area uses CraigsList, but friends in another state say no one looks at Craigslist! Find out where your competition is active.