We Create Websites that Work.

Creating effective business websites is an interesting challenge. I began developing my first websites back in 1996. Some of the most important considerations for an effective website were learned by asking clients what they'd like to achieve with their site. The most common answer was, "I want to sell my product".

I normally ask, "have you checked out your competitor's websites?" Usually, the answer is, "I haven't looked, why?" It's important to know how your competitors are winning the game. A good study of your local and national competitors is imperative. It's good to know where they're selling, and what their prices are, sure, but I want to know how they're getting their traffic.

We need to know what information readers are looking for, and how best to deliver it. After we study the competition, we'll have a more thorough understanding of what it will take to create your business site.  We're ready to help you build an effective site. Your inquiry is invited.

Stacey Mayer
Artist, Web Designer