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I was given the site’s passwords and popped inside to check on the first page’s keywords. Wait a minute. The keywords had nothing to do with this business. Why would they have entered, “Vera, Wang,” for example, when they don’t sell women’s clothes? Those were the keywords used for his first page. In fact, the entire site’s keywords would confuse anyone, much less a search engine. I began to understand his low page ranking.

Fundamental Skills are Best

Site Pro News teaches us to thoughtfully submit sites to the directories, pay attention to relevant keywords and, in general, help share our good content effectively. Since my client’s professionally created site had been online for a few years, I thought the basics were done, and fine-tuning would be a simple task. The “promotion guys” charged my client $1,500 per month for several months. The site was verified by Google Analytics, but I couldn’t find it in the Open Source Directory, or any of the backbone directory sites of the Web. Facebook and Twitter accounts existed but weren’t optimized, either.